Betting fans - EPL 2018-19
England - Premier League 2018-19 Advanced

Tournament type: Advanced

Challenging and mind-blowing!!

You play against the odds where the person that makes the most ‘money’ beats everyone else.

For example, in a single EPL tournament, players place bets on games being played that week. Odds will be shown for each individual match like that below.

E.g. Manchester United v Leeds United 
        Odds: Man Utd 1.2 / Draw 3.5 / Leeds United 5.9

In the above case, if you choose Man Utd, and they do indeed win, every point (or dollar) that you place on them earns you 1.2 points. However, if you predicted the correct outcome being Leeds United winning, every point nets you 5.9 points!


- You don't have to bet on every match!
- Once your bet is submitted - you can't change it!
- There is a maximum stake amount (100) for each individual match.
- For every match in the calendar you get extra 4 points to your ‘stake bank’.

Wise management of your allocated ‘stake bank’ is the name of the game.